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Press Reviews for Gemma's One Woman Shows

"Gemma Wilcox is a shape-shifter extraordinaire."
- Patrick Langston, Ottawa Citizen

"You might not see a better performance at this year's festival than the one Gemma Wilcox delivers in this solo comedy”
-Kevin Prokosh, The Winnipeg Free Press

“With grace and fervour she wins you over with her pristine acting and seamless transitions…she takes on the voice and spirit of every living being involved.”
- Nicole Kallmeyer, Toronto Eye Weekly

"Gemma Wilcox is both an adroit chronicler of the human condition and a wondrous chameleon of a performer."
- Dominic P. Papatola, Pioneer Press, Minneapolis

"Wilcox moves with a gorgeous fluidity from character to character, and with each one she holds her audience in thrall. This woman can do anything, it seems, and she does...she shows you what theater can be." 

- Elizabeth Maupin, The Orlando Sentinel

"Gemma Wilcox's talent is immense"
-Toronto Eye Weekly

"Gemma Wilcox is remarkable...she lights up the stage with integrity and beautifully smooth transformations...Her focus is impeccable, and her miming skills are outstanding....she hits every beat flawlessly...[She] delivers an exceptionally funny, warmly touching, and a truly genuine story. I don't really believe in "perfecting" a piece of theatre, but this show is pretty damn close."
- Megan Marie Gates, PLANK Magazine (Vancouver)

"The Honeymoon Period Is Officially Over is a strong, tightly written and superbly acted exploration of a difficult topic...Wilcox is a master of the theatre, and there's no better person to tackle such an ambitious one-woman show."
- Amanda Ash, The Victoria Times Colonist

"The cast surfaces out of Wilcox at a protean pace, but always with remarkable clarity...The comedy is constant but never abandons the sensitivity with which Wilcox wrote the play as a whole...None of this would be possible without Wilcox's remarkable talent for mime...There's a rigorous polish to the staging that dazzles...Wilcox earns her standing ovation and the heaps of praise the audience hummed with the moment their hands fell silent. There simply is no solo show like it anywhere else."
- Christopher Felling, PLANK Magazine (Victoria)

"A tense, moving and remarkably accomplished account of a relationship. What puts Wilcox into the elite of soloists is the economy, wit, ingenuity and sheer quicksilver precision with which she distinguishes some 20 characters on a bare stage...This kind of virtuosity is dazzling, but it's at the service of nuanced characters and emotionally complex moments." (4.5 Stars)
- Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

"A solid, often gripping production and a rare opportunity to watch a fine actress at the top of her game." (4 stars)
- Colin MacLean, Edmonton Sun

“Morphing flawlessly into flirtatious feline, brutish bloke or the dancing flames of a fire, actor/writer/director Gemma Wilcox bends and contracts her supple frame into a dozen or more characters who breathe life and humour into a relationship going awry. Sexy, sharp and seamless.”
- Lucie Davies, Now Toronto

"Wilcox is entrancing."
- Seth Kubersky, Orlando Weekly

"[An] immensely talented physical performer"
- Catherine Lawson, Ottawa Citizen

"Wilcox has clearly spent some time in the theatrical gym, and flexes some big biceps in her study of a troubled relationship...the finale leaves audiences cheering. So does Wilcox’s performance... Wilcox nails human, animal and even elemental characters."
- Mike O’Brien, CBC Winnipeg

"Its sexy, Its polished and its precise...Gemma Wilcox is a delight to watch."
- Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio Ottawa

"She uses her incredibly malleable body to create visual distinction...If you have the chance to see only one show, make it this show!"
- Richard Hinojosa,

"What sets her one-actor, multiple-personality performance apart is the personal nature of the subject matter and the fine distinctions she draws in her characters. " 

- Bob Bows, Variety

"Gemma Wilcox is a terrific performer" 

- Juliet Wittman, The Denver Westword

"Gemma Wilcox's ‘The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over’ was the gem of the evening”
- Shilanda Woolridge, Austin American-Statesman 

"Wilcox is brilliant. Especially inspired are her furry and feathered characterizations." 

- Mark Collins, The Daily Camera

"Gemma Wilcox was the surprise of the evening: She was superb...Wilcox took on multiple roles in a complex, polished, moving piece. It was well-acted and well-written from start to finish"
- Moira Muldoon, The Austin American-Statesman 

"Wilcox displays an imaginative approach to theatricality, a rich sensitivity to character, and a winning sense of humor.”
- Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

"Wilcox's plays are like beautifully crafted short stories, absorbing even if they weren't given the charming and magnetic performance Wilcox offers. A remarkable display of both writing and performance." 

- Lisa Bornstein, Rocky Mountain News

“Wilcox does sterling work...the show is clever and comical…fresh and funny…the writing rings true..."
-Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle